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This blog is dedicated to the Wellness of all!

I'll share what I've learned over the years as well as recent discoveries. I've divided my posts into the Categories listed above.

Finally, I'll provide links to products and services that I've found personally beneficial.

I welcome you and look forward to experiencing this journey in Wellness together!

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Everything you Need to Know about Vaping CBD

written by Scott Cook With the cannabis industry still in somewhat of its infancy, there is a TON of confusion and misunderstanding out there surrounding the difference between CBD oil ...
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What do you Know about CBD & CBDA?

What needs to be understood is that when the CBDA is passing through the body it is naturally being converted (decarboxylated) into CBD. 500mg10XPure & 1500mg10XPure There are two reason ...
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Foods that can Help and Harm your Brain

Our diet has a huge effect on our brain and our mental wellbeing, even protecting against dementia. So, what should be on the menu? Photo by Guardian Design Team As ...
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