Are you Getting What’s on the Label?

Did you know that over 70{15d77ed44b898d0095941912fac313690b5d91545cb1f89dee1bc119fbafbfb4} of CBD HEMP OIL found in stores and online (especially, but not limited to, the less expensive ones) is, for lack of a better term, Junk or as people call it here in the mountains “Snake Oil”. As what is in the bottle doesn’t match the label. That is so sad that there are companies out there that only want to make a buck and do not care about the customer.


The Basics of WHY CTFO offers the best products on Planet Earth.

INGREDIENTS .. there should not be more than two ingredients. CBD is so potent that it needs a carrier OIL to get it into your system without the liver flushing it out of our system. Also a natural flavoring to offset the taste of CBD. We use pure PCR HEMP OIL and a mild natural flavor. You don’t have to shake it and it does not need refrigeration.

ORGANIC … a pure, chemical free environment

GMP CERTIFIED…. Good Manufacturing Practices Certified. Meaning the government monitors all processes and ensures what the label says is exactly what’s in the bottle. Very, very few companies qualify to carry this seal.

INDEPENDENT LAB CERTIFIED… and these reports should be readily available.. Our CBD is tested three times by Different Independent Labs. Our Certified Lab Reports are readily available on our website and for the asking.

CRUELTY FREE .. no animal testing

NO THC .. the government classifies 0.03{15d77ed44b898d0095941912fac313690b5d91545cb1f89dee1bc119fbafbfb4} THC as zero THC. Depending on which product you buy from us, we have between 0.000{15d77ed44b898d0095941912fac313690b5d91545cb1f89dee1bc119fbafbfb4} THC and 0.02{15d77ed44b898d0095941912fac313690b5d91545cb1f89dee1bc119fbafbfb4} THC. Well below the government regulation.

GUARANTEE… they can run from No Guarantee to a couple of weeks. We believe so strongly in the Purity and Quality of our products that they ALL carry a 60 DAY EMPTY BOTTLE REFUND GUARANTEE NO QUESTIONS ASKED, unheard of in the industry.


We are also the only company with a worldwide EXCLUSIVE & PATENTED 10xPURE CBD HEMP OIL. Studies show that CBDA has as many health benefits as CBD. And our 10xPure gets BOTH CBDA & CBD to areas of the body it needs in perfect form.

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    1. Thank you Dawn for your comment. We believe in having product in its most pure form. That is why we are GMP certified and lab tested.

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